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Introducing Phentramin-D

Phentramin-d is an FDA-Approved non-prescription diet pill, it is safe and legal to buy it online, phentamin-d is voted by patients to be the best diet pill that helps stimulates the metabolism to burn body fat rapidly while suppressing appetite and increasing energy with no unpleasant side effects.

Phentramin-d is designed to do:

  • Suppress the appetite
  • Increase energy
  • Stimulate Metabolism
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Introduction Phentramin-d

Phentramin-D Ingredients

Phentramin-d contains ingredients which have sympathomimetic effects on the body. The sympathetic system works on increasing overall body’s energy as well as suppressing appetite and speeding up calories being processed in the body from fats and available glucose.

The main ingredients 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine and 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine help the weight reduction by stimulating increase catacholamines. Epinephrine and nor-epinephrine speed up the metabolic rate and enhance cell function, this thermogenic effect is due to 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine, a caffeine which enhances the energy level. Patients using Phentramin-d are eating less than what they were used to and fat from their body is being quickly utilized as needed calories. Overall, patients experience remarkable results in short periods of time with Phentramin-d diet pill.

Phentramin-D FAQs

What’s the difference: Phentermine vs Phentramin-d  ?

Phentramin-d is more powerful and safe than Phentermine. The advanced scientifically-engineered Phentramin-d does not require a prescription and it guarantees to be better than Phentermine. Users of Phentramin-d have shown remarkable improvement in their weight and rarely complain of any severe side effects as opposed to Phentermine, which manages obesity only for a short duration of time.

How Can Phentramin-d Help me lose weight ?

With the use of a sympathomimetic amine, Phentramin-D™ stimulates the same natural functions of the body’s production of Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is responsible for the release of stored glucose within the body. Once that release occurs, a signal is triggered that tells the stomach that its not hungry.

With the help of these functions, your body’s metabolic rate increases, fat is burned as energy, and your appetite is decreased; stopping food cravings in their tracks.

Why is phentramin-d better then other diet pills?

Phentramin-D is a scientifically formulated pharmaceutical-grade combination of chemical weight loss stimulants. Most diet pills today contain a combination of weak herbal extracts like Chromium, Ephedra, Hoodia, and Ginseng Root. Phentramin-D is a scientific breakthrough that is designed to mimic its prescription counterpart Phentermine, therefore it was thoroughly formulated to contain safe and effective pharmaceutical weight loss ingredients.

How do I take Phentramin-d?

The recommended dosage for Phentramin-d is to take one capsule with eight ounces of water twice a day. The first capsule is to be taken in the morning and the next capsule, in the early afternoon. Once you have started taking Phentramin-d it will take approximately four to six weeks for the full results to take effect. This is also determined by the amount of fat consumed in your diet and also by the amount of exercise in your daily routine. If by any chance you happen to miss a dose, it is not recommended to double up on your next one. Instead, just resume your regular schedule. Do not take more than one capsule per dose.

How long can you take Phentramin-d?

Unlike other diet pills, Phentramin-d can be taken for an extended period of time. However, lifelong usage of the pill is strictly prohibited by most physicians. Once the required weight is achieved by individuals, the drug should be immediately discontinued. Phentramin-d in conjunction with a proper nutritional diet and vigorous exercises can enhance the rate of appetite suppression and avoid its long-term intake.

Does Phentramin-D Have Any Side Effects?

The minimal side effects associated with Phentramin-d, that some have experienced, are moodiness, insomnia, or dry mouth. Once the body has fully adjusted to Phentramin-d, it has been reported that the side effects cease. But the most noticeable side effects are an increased metabolic rate, weight loss, and additional energy.

Is Phentramin-s FDA-Approved?

Phentramin-d was released to the general public by Lazarus labs only after its approval from the FDA. The administration is assured about the drug’s safety and health benefits. Side effects cannot be ruled but this drug can effectively suppress the appetite by burning the excess body fat at a rapid rate. During the course of Phentramin-d treatment, intake of fat-filled foods should be avoided.

Who is the manufacturer of Phentramin-d?

Phentramin-d is manufactured by Lazarus Labs, LLC, which is based out of Cassville, GA.

Lazarus Labs has a team of customer care specialists on stand-by to help you with any questions you may have Phentramin-d. You have access to their specialist via telephone (888)-606-1002 from 10 A.M. – 5 P.M. eastern time, Mondy – Friday, or 24/7 via email at

You can also contact Lazarus Labs, LLC directly via snail mail at the adrress listed below.

Lazarus Enterprises
P.O. Box 469
Cassville, GA 30123

Where can I buy Phentramin-d ?

Due to Phentramin-d’s safe but effective formula, Phentramin-d is available to order over the internet. We have made it easy for you to start your weight loss journey by giving you the ability to order Phentramin-d direct through us.

Below you can take advantage of Phentramin-D’s powerful recipe for weight loss, all while receiving free shipping and saving money on most orders.

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